The guidebook#


About the project#

The Geoconnex project is about providing technical infrastructure and guidance to create an open, community-contribution model for a knowledge graph linking hydrologic features in the United States, published in accordance with Spatial Data on the Web best practices as an implementation of Internet of Water principles.

In short, Geoconnex aims to make water data as easily discoverable, accessible, and usable as possible.

What is Geoconnex?#

Geoconnex aims to enable a knowledge graph for water data in the United States. The value of this graph, (see can be illustrated considering two use cases:

  1. Indexing and discovering models and research from public sector, private sector, or academic projects about a particular place or environmental feature.

  2. Building a federated multi-organization monitoring network in which all member-systems reference common monitored features and are discoverable through a community index.

See for a mockup of data discovery and access workflows that aspires to enable.

The development of takes place on GitHub. See here for the system of repositories.